Person of the week: Gonzalez helps students get on track for graduation


Gonzalez, far right, gives out information at Texas Parents Day 2012

Sylvia Gonzalez has always known she was gifted, not in the culinary arts or musically but in her desire to help others.

“ I can’t imagine myself doing anything else,” said Gonzalez. “Everyone has a skill, and helping others is mine.”

Gonzalez is the Lead Student Liaison for the Parental Involvement Department at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District. She assists in tracking attendance rates for the district and helps develop dropout prevention initiatives.

“When a student is no longer registered, we find them and try to bring them back to school,” Gonzalez said. “I love my job because we can help students make those life changes.”

To continue her mission to help others, Gonzalez volunteers her services in any way she can, even if that means engaging in something she isn’t familiar with.

“I’ve volunteered at the Boys and Girls club as a basketball coach,” Gonzalez said. “ I coached them and took them to basketball games. I really didn’t know anything about the sport, but I was just happy to give them the opportunity to participate.”

Prior to working with parental involvement, Gonzalez worked with Zavala Elementary for six years as a community case manager.  She is currently preparing for the 23rd annual Parental Involvement Conference on Nov. 10, where she will serve as a presenter.

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