Person of the Week: Boykin helps HCISD bring technology in classrooms

When Kasey Boykin hears her phone ring, she already knows there is a good chance it’s someone asking for help about his or her computer, phone, tablet or software.

Boykin is the instructional technologist at the Harlingen Consolidated independent School District. She works with teachers to help them incorporate technology into the classrooms for the benefit of students. Whether teachers need help with applications in the classroom or setting up the equipment, Boykin is there to assist them. As a focus, she works with the 20 instructors from the district’s first digital classrooms.

“We will collaborate on what has worked and how they have used technology in the classroom,” Boykin said. “You can be a great teacher and know the technology, but if you’re not incorporating it the right way then it’s not effective. The main thing we try to focus on is how we are teaching students.”

Boykin’s technology immersed duties don’t shy far from her personal interests. During any time of day, you can catch her on one of her many devices. Her fondness for technology has been with her since a young age, and it only continues to grow.

“I’ve always been into technology, even in high school,” Boykin said. “I’m always looking for the newest stuff that comes out and the latest and greatest reviews.”

Previously, she worked as a teacher at Santa Rosa and at the Convention Visitors Bureau. Both positions gave her the opportunity to incorporate her passion for technology. She soon realized that the perfect job for her was something that would allow her to combine her love of technology and education, she said.

In her spare time Boykin uses those devices to look up information on her other passion, football. She creates statistics and maps out new recruits for her team of choice the Texas A&M Aggies.

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