Parents invited to dyslexia information session


Parents are invited to attend a dyslexia information session on Monday, February 23, 2015 at 5:30 pm in Room 511 of the Harlingen CISD Administration Building.  This session is part of the district’s effort to create more awareness about dyslexia.

Reading will be the theme for the February session. The parent information session will address how dyslexia impacts reading. Parents will be provided strategies to assist their children with reading skills.

Current research has shown that dyslexia is the most common of the language-based learning disabilities. Dyslexia can result in difficulties with specific language skills such as reading, spelling, and writing. The primary reading/spelling characteristics of dyslexia include difficulty reading words in isolation, difficulty accurately decoding unfamiliar words, difficulty with oral reading, and difficulty with spelling.

For additional parent resources about dyslexia, please refer to the Dyslexia/RtI/504 department website and click on the “Parent Resources” tab.

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