KEYS Academy teacher speaks to help better education in Texas alternative schools

KEYS Academy teacher, Margaret Patterson, is helping better the education in Texas alternative schools.

Patterson spoke as guest speaker at the Texas Association of Alternative Education (TAAE) Conference and Exhibition on Feb. 6. She gave two presentations regarding the use of Project Based Learning (PBL) and service learning in an alternative school setting.

TAAE provides educators the most up-to-date tools, skills and knowledge necessary to inspire and encourage students to continue in their education.  The conference is held once a year in order to recharge teachers and administrators in achieving these goals.

At the conference, Patterson shared her success stories of using PBL, a method of teaching students subject matter and concepts through the use of hands on experience.

“Working together, collaborating and using technology to produce a final product for a real audience totally engages our students,” said Patterson.

This is the second year Patterson has presented at the conference, and she has already been invited back to present for the 2014 conference. With her next presentation, she hopes to showcase the advancements in PBL and to share her knowledge of the importance of qualified teachers caring for students.

“No matter how much technology you have, it’s the teacher which makes the difference,” said Patterson.

Alternative schools involve a range of different educational settings that provide schools for credit recovery.

“Our school exists to help kids cope with their lives, recover credits and get them back on track”, said Patterson.

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  1. Kudos…to ALL the Teachers in our district that take that technology and make a DIFFERENCE!

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