High school UIL Academic Teams make HCISD history at district meet

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The High School Academic University Interscholastic League (UIL) teams at Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South outsmarted the competition while making HCISD history at the district meet on Mar. 22.

The HHSS and HHS team earned first and second place, respectively. It’s the first time in district history that the teams take both of the top spots in the competition.

Along with earning the title of overall District Champion, HHSS students Jann Soto placed first in Informative Extemporaneous Speaking, John Fraga placed first in Headline Writing, Ryan Mowers placed first in Mathematics and Number Sense, Sarah Cano placed first in Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking and Cross Examination Debate with partner Chris Esparza, Rebecca Pockrus placed first in Poetry Interpretation, and Paige Robles placed first in Prose Interpretation.

HHS students William Wright placed first in Computer Applications, Gilbert Maldonado placed first in Computer Science, Clara Duffy placed first in Ready Writing, and Carlos Munoz placed first in Social Studies.

Students from HHS and HHSS that placed first, second, or third and teams that earned first place qualified for the Regional Academic Meet to be held at UTSA on May 2nd and 3rd, 2014.



List of individual awards:


HHSS Winners:


Calculator Applications:

2nd – Ryan Mowers

Computer Applications:

3rd – Brenden Martinez

Editorial Writing:

2nd – Ashley Parnell

3rd – John Fraga

Headline Writing:

1st – John Fraga

Informative Extemporaneous Speaking:

1st – Jann Soto

2nd – Collin Flemmons

Lincoln Douglas Debate:

1st – Jann Soto

2nd – Abby Deleon

3rd – Collin Flemmons


1st – Ryan Mowers

Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking:

1st – Sarah Cano

2nd – Chris Esparza

Poetry Interpretation:

1st – Rebecca Pockrus

2nd – Sawyer Warrenburg

Prose Interpretation:

1st – Paige Robles

2nd – Matthew Almaguer

3rd – Chris Esparza

Ready Writing:

3rd – Joshua Teruneh

Social Studies:

2nd – Ben Whitman

Cross Examination Debate:

1st – Sarah Cano and Chris Esparza

2nd – Ramiro Valdez and June Martinez

The Mathematics, Number Sense, and Speech top team awards also went to HHSS.




HHS Winners:


2nd –  Skyler Perez

Computer Applications:

1st – William Wright

4th – Katrina Johnson

Computer Science:

1st – Gilbert Maldonado

4th – Donaldo Almazan

Editorial Writing:

4th – Miriam Atkinson

Feature Writing:

4th – Miriam Atkinson

Headline Writing:

5th – Alyssa Anglin

Informative Speaking:

3rd – Alexis Molina

Lincoln Douglas Debate

4th – Alexis Molina


3rd – Juan Maldonado

4th – Donaldo Almazan

Number Sense:

2nd – Juan Maldonado

News Writing:

4th – Victoria Cortez

Persuasive Speaking:

3rd – Amethyst Marroquin

4th – Myles Rosenbaum

Poetry Interpretation:

4th – Alyssa Hopson

Prose Interpretation:

4th Emily Ornelas

Ready Writing:

1st – Clara Duffy


3rd – Donaldo Almazan

Social Studies:

1st – Carlos Munoz

HHS as a team earned the top spot in Accounting, Computer Science, and Social Studies.


Winners from Dr. Cano Freshman Academy


Literary Criticism:

Ande Beasley- 3rd
Ana Garcia- 6th
Reading Writing:
Macario Hernandez – 3rd
Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Adam Pena-1st
Jessica Durant-1st
Maddie Garza-2nd
Joshua Garcia-1st
Angela Gonzalez-3rd
James Montelongo-5th
Informative Speaking
Adam Pena-1st
Jessica Durant-2nd
Luis Perez-3rd
Clarissa Gonzalez-4th
Persuasive Speaking
Angela Gonzalez-1st
Emily Ornelas-2nd
James Montelongo-3rd
Lincoln-Douglas Varsity
Abby Deleon- 2nd Advancing to Regionals
Prose Varsity
Emily Ornelas- 4th Alternate for Regionals
Computer Applications
Noe Munoz – 1st
Jacob Vega – 2nd
Spelling and Vocabulary:
1st: Karla Khine
4th: Omar Gonzalez
5th: Jailene Gonzalez
6th: Ashley Martinez
Spelling and Vocabulary also placed first as a team.
Current Events and Issues:
Ande Beasley – 5th
Ana Garcia – 6th​
Number Sense:
Ryan Barlow – 9th

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