High School swim teams have strong showing at Harlingen meet

The Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South swim teams had an outstanding performance at the Harlingen Christmas Classic on Dec. 1.

Overall, the HHS boys and girls team each ranked fourth. The HHSS boy’s team placed 15th and the girls placed eighth.

A total of 19 schools competed in the two –day tournament. This is the 28th year Harlingen has hosted the competition, and it is one of the oldest meets in the Rio Grande Valley.

The next meet will be hosted in Brownsville on Dec. 7.



Award Listing:

In the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay

2  HHS Team

7  HHSS Team

Boys 200 Yard Relay

10  HHS Team

12  HHSS Team


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

2          Francisca Aparo       HHS

9          Jessica Watson       HHSS

12        Dakota Hall              HHS

15        Jordan T Hauver      HHSS

24        Sophia Sandoval      HHS


Boys 200 Yard Freestyle

7          Joshua N Diaz                       HHSS

9          Julian DeLeon                      HHS

12        Ephraim Flores         HHS

15        Benjamin G Whitman HHSS

25        Luis Ramirez                        HHS

31        Abraham Cruz           HHS

32        Adrian R Castillo,     HHSS

38        Jason Padilla                       HHS


Girls 200 Yard IM

2          Cynthia Inglett         HHS




Boys 200 Yard IM

6          William Farley,       HHS

7          Luis DeLaFuente     HHS

17        Simon Alonzo,         HHS

18        Tomas Diaz,                         HHS


Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

3          Seton Uhlhorn,         HHS

16        Gabrielle Aranda,    HHS

17        Dayna N Pecina,       HHSS

18        Darlene Duncan,      HHS

20        Michelle Chino,        HHSS

32        Devon K Wyatt,         HHSS

34        Jacquelynn Hulings,            HHS

35        Ali Ayala,                   HHSS

45        Maureen Doyle,       HHS

46        Haley A Allen,                       HHSS

57        Isamar A Sandoval Galvan, HHSS


Boys 50 Yard Freestyle

18        Jose R Lopez,            HHSS

21        Miguel           Garcia, HHS

24        Andres Hinojosa III,            HHSS

38        Hector            Castaneda, HHS

52        Christopher Gutierrez, HHSS

53        Nahum J Marin, HHSS

60        Conner Smith,           HHS

62        Harley A Massey, HHSS

72        Jesus Gamez,            HHS

94        Louie Mata,   HHS


Boys 1 mtr Diving

1          Miguel Garcia,          HHS

11        Conner Smith,           HHS


Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

2          Francisca Aparo,      HHS

14        Devon K Wyatt,         HHSS


Boys 100 Yard Butterfly

10        Simon Alonzo,          HHS


Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

3          Cynthia Inglett,         HHS

18        Gabrielle Aranda,    HHS

21        Darlene Duncan,      HHS

22        Vanessa R Sanchez,            HHSS

23        Carolyn Boswell,      HHS

38        Haley A Allen,                       HHSS

42        Maureen Doyle,       HHS


Boys 100 Yard Freestyle

19        Jose R Lopez,             HHSS

24        Andres Hinojosa III,            HHSS

36        Hector Castaneda,   HHS

46        Luis Ramirez,                        HHS

47        Christopher Gutierrez HHSS

50        Abraham Cruz,          HHS

58        Adrian R Castillo,     HHSS

66        Harley A Massey,     HHSS

72        Ricardo Blanco,        HHS

74        Jesus Gamez,                        HHS

75        Jason Padilla,                       HHS


Girls 500 Yard Freestyle

13        Dakota Hall, HHS


Boys 500 Yard Freestyle

6          Luis DeLaFuente,     HHS

8          Ephraim Flores,        HHS

16        Ricardo Blanco,        HHS


Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

7          HHSS Team A

12        HHSS Team B

14        HHS Team


Boys 500 Yard Relay

10        HHS Team

12        HHSS Team A

22        HHSS Team B


Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

5          Jessica Watson,       HHSS

9          Jordan T Hauver,      HHSS

11        Dayna N Pecina,       HHSS

13        Carolyn Boswell,      HHS

17        Mikayla B Muniz,     HHSS


Boys 100 Yard Backstroke

9          Benjamin G Whitman,        HHSS

14        Nahum J Marin,        HHSS


Girls 100 yard Breaststroke

7          Ali Ayala,                   HHSS

9          Jacquelynn Hulings,            HHS

11        Seton Uhlhorn,         HHS


Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke

3          Farley, William        HARG

8          Diaz, Tomas              HARG

9          DeLeon, Julian                     HARG

10        Diaz, Joshua N                      HASO


Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

2          HHS Team


Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

7          HHS Team

15        HHS Team

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