HHSS graduate helps others reach success across the globe

Taylor Cavazos Draback and group of students during their volunteer work at “Cherokee Elderly Care,” a nursing home catered to people who are members of Cherokee National

A former graduate of Harlingen High School South is using her knowledge to help others reach success around the globe.

Taylor Cavazos Draback, a 2011 graduate, will travel to Costa Rica to help La Asociación CREAR, a non-profit organization, accomplish its mission of providing supplemental educational, recreational, and career opportunities to communities with limited resources.

While there, Draback will teach the youth of the Costa Rica community vocational skills, work as an English tutor, write grants for the company, and build homes for the community. She leaves for Costa Rica on May 8.

With the upcoming trip drawing near, Draback looks forward to the opportunity to help educate students who wouldn’t normally have the resources to do so, she said. She hopes to make a positive impact in the community.

From Costa Rica she will continue her education with a study abroad program offered by Vanderbilt University to the University of Cape Town in Capetown, Africa in July. She hopes to continue her track towards graduating with a degree in political communications and minorities’ studies, a course of study she created at the school. She will remain in South Africa until November and then return to Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee.

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