HHSS, Dr. Cano Academy Speech Drama and Debate soar above at McAllen tournament


The Harlingen High School South and members of the Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy Speech, Drama and Debate team soared above the competition at the McAllen Texas Forensics Association (TFA) Qualifying Speech Tournament this past weekend.

Overall, the HHSS Speech Drama Debate team picked up five new TFA Qualifications and is currently ranked third in the state of Texas.

Partners, Rebecca Pockrus and Leslie Garcia, Chris Esparza and Paige Robles, and Mathew Canon and Sawyer Warrenburg placed first, second and third place in Duet Acting, respectively. The duos of Esparza and Robles, Pockrus and Mathew Almaguer, and Canon and Warrenburg placed first, second and fifth.

Individually, Jan Soto and Collin Flemmons placed first and second in Student Congress. Flemmons placed second in Domestic Extemporaneous Specking. In Dramatic Interpretation, Robles, Warrenburg, Canon, Almaguer, Pockrus and Jeremy Marquez placed first, second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh, respectively.

In Prose Interpretation, Robles, Almaguer, Esparza and Pockrus placed first, third, fourth, and sixth. Almaguer, Pockrus, Robles and William Ernst placed second, fifth, sixth and eighth in Poetry Interception. Individually, Warrenburg, Esparza, Robles and Canon placed second, fourth, fifth and eighth in Humorous Interception. Soto, Jesse Salazar and Ramiro Valdez placed first, fourth and sixth in Impromptu Speaking.

In Original Oratory, Soto, Flemmons and Canon placed first, sixth and seventh, respectively. Soto and Flemmons placed first and third in Varsity LD Debate. Partners, Manuel Arche-Pagan and Ernie Villarreal placed third in Novice CX Debate.

From the Dr. Cano Academy, freshmen Jessica Durant and Angela Gonzalez placed second and sixth in Novice Poetry. Durant placed sixthin Dramatic Interpretation. Gonzalez placed sixth in Novice Prose.

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