HHS students show their support for Connecticut community



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The students at Harlingen High School joined together to show their support for the community of Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 19.

The National Honor Society and the senior class of 2013 hosted a day of remembrance. They asked that all students, teachers, administrators and staff to wear green and white.

The request was greatly met by HHS. When walking into the campus, a sea of green and white could be seen in the halls and walkways. Students were able to gather during the day to share encouraging words and a moment of silence for the community.

Throughout the day students took photos and video recordings to make a video montage. Once completed, the video will be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary on behalf of Harlingen High School. The groups encouraged all classes and organizations to participate.


One thought on “HHS students show their support for Connecticut community

  1. When I heard that our students in H.C.I.S.D were paying tribute to the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary, I was breathtaken by the students’ efforts and roles they played in creating this heart-felt project. It’s more than we as educators could have ever expected from our students. They truly are leaders!

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