HHS and South FFA teams take on the 2021 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show

The Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South FFA teams showed their animals and exhibited their projects at the 2021 Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show which took place from March 11-21.  In order to keep everyone safe, many adjustments were made to this year’s show including limiting attendance and excluding certain events. However, HCISD students did not let anything stop them from performing their best and bringing home many ribbons and awards.

Results are listed below.

Harlingen High School Results:

 Photography Contest:

Aubrey Wilbur-1st

Bailey Helmer-2nd

Andrés González-5th

Market Steer Team:

Trent Gilbert-4th

Victoria Trevino-7th

Trista Gilbert-4th

Mason Serna-12th

Market Lamb: 

Austin Alvarez-3rd

Market Goat Team:

Jake Thomas-5th

Joseth Cortez-13th

Zeke Rosales-11th

Market Rabbit Team:

Abigail Mendoza-6th

Abigail Lamas-3rd

Angelica Alamilla-12th

Julia Archibald-10th

Isabela Soliz-6th

Evelin Quezada-10th

Dymen Davila-13th

Mathew Castillo-9th

Avery Janssen-4th

Kayden Dyer-7th

Breeding Goat Team:

Krystal Benavides-3rd

Alejandra Cedillo-11th

Benjamin Cedillo-12th

Andrés Gonzalez-13th

Dairy Goat Division:

Andrés Gonzalez-1st in class, Reserve Grand Champion

Breeding Cattle Team: 

Victoria Trevino-5th with her Beef Master Heifer,

4th with the RGVLS Futurity, and 1st with the Beef Master Association Futurity

Austin Alvarez-2nd and 3rd with her heifer

Samantha Cavazos-7th

Sophia Cavazos-2nd & 7th

Omar Cavazos-5th

Andrés González-4th and 4th

Daniel Cedillo-3rd and 3rd

Alejandra Cedillo-7th and 9th

Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Cover Contest:

Kayla Rodriguez-3rd Runner-Up

Breeding Gilts

Duroc Breed

Weston Holloman – 4th

Trent Gilbert – 6th

Hampshire Breed

Abigail Lamas – 3rd

Cameron Eriksmoen – 7th

Ricardo Segura – 4th

Yorkshire Breed

Kelly Sade Cash – 5th

William – Holloman – 4th

Dark Cross Breed

Zackery Rosenbaum – 9th

Other Crosses Breed

Caleb Graham – 6th

Weston Holloman – 8th

Market Hog Division

Duroc Breed

Austin Alvarez – 7th

Kai Martinez – 2nd, Sale of Champions

Kayden Dyer – 16th

Abigail Lamas – 13th

William Holloman – 1st, Breed Champion, Sale of Champions

Light Other Pure Breeds

Karson Dyer – 3rd, Sale of Champions

Kayla Rodriguez – 1st, Breed Champion, Sale of Champions

Dark Other Pure Breeds

Rayne McMillian – 2nd, Sale of Champions

Emily Janssen – 5th

Yorkshire Breed

Trista Gilbert –1st, Breed Champion, Sale of Champions

Cameron Eriksmoen –3rd, Sale of Champions

Hampshire Breed

Jadelyn Gonzalez –6th

Angelica Cruz – 4th

Trent Gilbert – 1st, Sale of Champions

Zackery Rosenbaum – 10th

Dark Cross Breeds

Kelly Sade Cash – 5th

Other Cross Breeds

Weston Holloman – 8th

Ricardo Segura – 3rd, Sale of Champions

Kennedy Dyer – 2nd, Sale of Champions



South Results:

Shop Division:

Angelina Cuevas–1st Home Interior and Conveniences

Abraham Leal–1st Home Interior and Conveniences

Summer Wade–1st, Division Champion- Yard Furniture

Taegan Wade-1st Yard Furniture


Aden Morris-2nd Combination plant

Photography/Western Art:

Kylie Mitchell– Participant Senior Animals and Birds

Landry Mitchell– Participant Junior Animals and Birds

Lauren Gonzales– Participant western art

Makayla Amitrani– 1st Senior Black and White

Sarahi Rodriguez– Participant Senior Animals and Birds

Abraham Leal– Participant Senior Black and White

Kaitlyn Carey– Participant Senior Landscape Scenery

Brandon Nieto– 1st Junior Elements of Design; Junior Reserve Grand Champion

Breeding Cattle:

Joshua Riggs– 2nd and 3rd Red Brangus; 3rd Santa Gertrudis

Luke Riggs– 4th and 7th Beefmaster

Breeding Sheep:

Kylie Mitchell– 2nd Southdown

Landry Mitchell– 1st Southdown

Mackenzie Abrigo- 4th Southdown

Breeding Goats:

Karina Borrego– 5th

Kylie Mitchell– 1st

McKayla Valdez– 3rd

Lauren Gonzalez- 4th

Dairy Goats:

Ryleigh Greer– 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th Nigerian Dwarf; Breed Champion; Grand Champion Dairy Goat; Best of Show; 3rd place Senior Showman

Emma Neu– 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th Nigerian Dwarf; Junior Breed Champion; 1st place Junior showman

Abby Neu– 1st, 3rd, 3rd Nigerian Dwarf

Mackenzie Abrigo– 1st, 1st Nigerian Dwarf; Reserve Breed Champion; Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Goat

Breeding Gilts:

Naelynn Jimenez– 9th Duroc

Kaitlyn Contreras– 13th Hampshire

Summer Wade– 8th Hampshire; 7th Dark OPB

Madelynn Molano– Hampshire

Taegan Wade– 9th Hampshire; 9th Light Cross

Kaitlyn Carey—9th Dark OPB

Lauren Gonzalez– 4th Dark Cross

Angelina Ahumada–9th Dark Cross

Alexandria Trejo–7th Dark Cross

Abraham Leal—2nd Light Cross

Hannah Abrego–9th Light Cross

Mackenzie Hamby— 7th Light Cross

Market Rabbits:

Yvonne Galvan– 1st, Champion New Zealands, Grand Champion Market Rabbits

Caitlyn Morales– 13th Californians

Dakota Tiffin–7th Californians

Kaitlyn Watkins–10th Californians

Market Goats:

Kylie Mitchell–1st; Medium-heavy division Champion; Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat; Senior showman Champion

Landry Mitchell–2nd

Brandon Nieto–5th

Gabriella Saenz–9th

Aaron Saenz–9th; 3rd place Junior showman

Karina Saenz– 10th

Addyson Enriquez– 9th

Nicolas Enriquez– 8th

Sarahi Rodriguez—12th

Christopher Hamby– 11th

Joshua Roux–12th

Emma Ponce

Kaitlyn Contreras– 11th

Naelynn Jimenez– 10th

Madalynn Garcia– 12th

Liberty Tiffin–7th

Thalia Newlin– 9th

Market Lambs:

Andrea Harvey–11th

Nicole Ivory– 4th

Thalia Newlin–Participant

Brandon Nieto–5th

Landry Mitchell– 4th; Top 10 Junior showman

Kylie Mitchell– 1st; Southdown breed Champion; 3rd place Senior showman

Market Swine:

Angelina Cuevas–7th Dark OPB

Hannah Abrego–3rd Light Cross

Mackenzie Hamby–6th York

Kaitlyn Carey– 3rd Duroc

Mia Molano–7th Dark cross

Madelynn Molano– 8th Dark OPB

McKayla Valdez,— 9th Hampshire

Sophia Cavazos,— 4th Light Cross

Alexandria Silva— 6th Dark Cross

Alexandria Trejo— 1st Hampshire; Breed Champion; Grand Champion Market Hog

George Espinoza— 5th Dark Cross

Abraham Leal— 4th Dark Cross

Naelynn Jimenez— 7th Light Cross

Summer Wade- 9th Dark OPB

Taegan Wade— 11th Light Cross

Emma Ponce– 7th Hampshire

Mackinzie Rangel–10th Dark Cross

Aaron Campos– 9th Hampshire

Lauren Butler– 9th Duroc

Maya Martinez–7th Duroc

Lauren Gonzalez–7th Hampshire

Elias Rodriguez– 7th York

Market Steers:

Jacinto Garza– 3rd Chianina

Elias Rodriguez– 6th Maine Anjou

Sage Harvey-6th Maine Anjou

Abraham Leal-7th Chianina

Joshua Roux- 5th AOB

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