HCISD’s Pablo Pecina receives STASMO Maintenance Employee of the Year award


Pablo Pecina, Lead Master Plumber at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District was awarded South Texas Association of School Maintenance Officials’ 2014-2015 Maintenance Employee of the Year.

For 24 years Pecina has been committed to delivering properly operating facilities at HCISD schools.

“Mr. Pecina responds at all hours when there are plumbing issues reported by our night custodians and nigh security guards to insure our students arrive to school in the morning with a safe and functioning system,” said Kenneth Lee Administrator for District Operations. “He sets the example to our entire District Operations team.”

Pecina was invited to attend STASMO’s Summer Conference at South Padre Island on June 19th where he will be recognized and be presented with a plaque for his outstanding contributions.

Each year STASMO receives nominations to recognize exceptional maintenance employees within Region One ESC.

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