HCISD students participate in Election Week

Red and blue covered the halls at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, as students were able to get in on the voting action during Election Week.

Campuses across HCISD have dedicated a week to lessons and activities that educate students on their importance in the voting process. Election Week was held during the last week of October and part of the first week of November.

“The earlier you start learning about these issues, the more informed you are,” said Matthew Machner, senior at Early College High School. “When you do have the opportunity to vote, you will be able to make an informed decision.”

All K-12 classes engaged in some from of election activity throughout the week.

During K-12 schooling, students have just three opportunities to experience and learn about presidential elections,” said Angela Gonzalez, Social Studies Specialist. “Providing our students with learning experiences about citizenship in a democracy, how elections impact their lives, and how to vote will help them develop the knowledge and skills to fully participate in our community.”

Some activities included mock debates and informational sessions, which were held to give students an overview of the stance of each candidate on issues like tax rates and health care. With that information, individuals could create campaign posters for a candidate they decided to support. Each campus had the ability to customize the type of activity they participated in during Election Week.

After all of the information was presented, mock elections were hosted for students to vote for the candidate they would have selected based on their preferences of where each nominee stood.

Students have really taken to the week, and are excited for each lesson, said Audra Rodriguez, instructional facilitator at Vernon Middle School.  They’ve enjoyed learning how to be respectful when discussing their views on topics.

“I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone in the school become aware of the issues and getting interested, said Bobby Palmos, senior at ECHS. “It’s a learning experience.”


3 thoughts on “HCISD students participate in Election Week

  1. So proud of my HHS AP Government class for their hard work! Way to go! Making the District Website!

  2. No thanks to our wonderful goverment teacher Mrs.Cretors that has taught us so much and has gotten us more into the election and continues to teach us everyday! thankyou

  3. Thank you for choosing to participating in the ILC’s mock election. We appreciate you allowing your students to experience the voting process and hear our presentation.

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