HCISD Girls Scouts collect supplies for emergency children’s shelter

Madison Pallikan and Lorie Negrete(Front) with Valley Haven founders Kristen Millon and Gracie Bradwell (Back).

Lorie Negrete and Madison Pallikan teamed up to help the Valley Haven Emergency Children’s Shelter that will be opening in Harlingen.

The girls visited shops in downtown Harlingen requesting donated supplies for the Emergency Shelter.

“We went to businesses, passed out flyers, and right now we are waiting for store owners to call us to pick up the donations,” Wilson Elementary 5th Grader, Madison Pallikan said.

As Girl Scout Juniors, Negrete and Pallikan hope to attain their Bronze Award through this service project.

“The Bronze Award is the highest honor that a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. It involves about 20 hours of community service,” Gutierrez Middle School 6th Grader, Lorie Negrete said.

Valley Haven is a non-profit emergency shelter that provides temporary safe placement for neglected and abused children. The facility will house about 32 children at a time.

“I liked the idea of collecting supplies to help out when I found out what happens to these kids,” Negrete said. “I feel bad because of how their parents treat them, and I hope the supplies we collect will help them feel more at home at the shelter.”

The Emergency shelter would be a first of it’s kind in the Rio Grande Valley.

Valley Haven is a work in progress and hopes to open its doors by the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

For more information about Valley Haven Emergency Children’s Center and how to get involved, visit

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