HCISD Chess Teams Earn Top Marks at State Tournament

Sam Houston Elementary K-3 Championship 1st Place (Back Row) Rory Lee Jimenez, Michael Casas 9th, Sabian Nieto, Massimo Meneses 23rd (Front Row) Julian Gonzalez Honorable Mention, and Jazmin Olivares 62th,
Houston K-5
Sam Houston Elementary K-5 Championship 4th Place (Back Row) Ethan Richard Hall, Christian Cruz Honorable Mention, Carlos Deleon 5th, and Jacob Colin Fox 14th (Front Row) Diego Nathaniel Jimenez and Gianelli Alexa Serrano
Matthias Meneses, Sam Houston Elementary, K-1 Division 14th Place
THE 12th place
Mark Soto, Treasure Hills Elementary, K-1 Division 12th Place
Treasure Hills K-3
Treasure Hills Elementary K-3 Division, 8th Place


Wilson Elementary K-3 Division, 9th Place
Wilson Elementary K-1 Division, 7th Place
Milam Elementary K-1 Division, 9th Place; Octavio Quintanilla 10th Place individually
Dishman Elementary K-3 Division, 4th Place; Houston Kennedy 15th Place individually

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District chess teams recently earned top marks at the State Chess Tournament hosted in McAllen.

As a team in the K-1 Division, Wilson Elementary (Matthew Mata, Leeandra Gomez, Emiliano Garcia, Arturo Garza) earned 7th place, and Milam Elementary (Octatio Quintanilla, Cruz Gutierrez, Tristian Bowery, Vivianna Garza) earned 9th.

In the K-3 Division, Sam Houston Elementary (Michael Casas, Massimo Meneses, Izabel Vasquez, Alvaro Nieto) earned 1st; Dishman Elementary (Houston Kennedy, Austin Kennedy, Julius Garza, Josue Gonzalez) earned 4th; Treasure Hills (Christopher Quezada, Brandon Tovias, Mario Vento, Logan Tovias) earned 8th; Wilson (Sarah Hernandez, Christian Mata, Tristan Hernandez, Daniel Zavala) earned 9th.

In the K-5 Division, Sam Houston (Carlos Deleon, Jacob Fox, Diego Jimenez, Christian Cruz) earned 4th.

Working individually in the K-1 Division, Octavio Quintanilla (Milam) earned 10th, Mark Soto (Treasure Hills) 12th, and Matthius Meneses (Sam Houston) earned 14th; in the K-3 Division, Michael Casas (Sam Houston) earned 9th and Houston Kennedy (Dishman) earned 15th; in the K-5 Division, Carlos Deleon (Sam Houston) earned 5th.

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