HCISD chess teams advance to nationals, state tournament results

Houston Elementary’s K-5 team advances to nationals after placing 3rd at state.


Wilson Elementary’s K-3 team advances to nationals after placing 4th at state.


Coakley Middle School’s K-8 team advances to nationals after placing 5th at state.

Three Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District chess teams will compete in the National Chess Championships.

Houston Elementary, Wilson Elementary, and Coakley Middle School qualified by placing third, fourth, and fifth in their respective categories at the 2016 Texas Scholastic Chess Championship held in Brownsville on March 5-6.

The 2016 National Junior High (K-9) Championship will be held on April 15-17 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the 2016 National Elementary (K-6) Championship will be held May 6-8 in Nashville, Tennesee.

Final standings for the state competition are as follows:

Team Results

K-1 Division
19th Treasure Hills Elementary
Ethan Garcia, Nicholas Vento, and Santiago Martinez-Perez

K-3 Division
4th Wilson Elementary
Christian Mata, Tristan Hernandez, Matthew Mata, and Leeandra Gomez

6th Houston Elementary
Juan Velasquez, Matthias Meneses, Julian Gonzalez, and Marcus Casas

8th Dishman Elementary
Julius Garza, Isaiah Duran, Christina De Leon, and Emilio Rodriguez

12th Treasure Hills Elementary
Logan Tovias, Vincent Tapia, Mark Soto, and Madeline Phillips

16th Milam Elementary
Octavio Quintanilla, Gisele Garza, Bryan Perez, and Joshua Olguin

K-5 Division
3rd Houston Elementary
Michael Casas, Massimo Meneses, Izabel Vasquez, and Alvaro Nieto

8th Treasure Hills Elementary
Brandon Tovias, Eric Soto, Mario Vento, and Cameron Phillips

18th Dishman Elementary
Houston Kennedy, Austin Kennedy, Dominic Santillan, and Jenna Zuniga

21st Wilson Elementary
Sarah Hernandez, Rogelio Zuniga, David Mata, and Tyler Lamar

25th Bonham Elementary
Sebastian Flores, Octavio Nieto, and Octavio Sifuentes

34th Milam Elementary
Sylvia Quintanilla and Yesenia Cruz

K-8 Division
5th Coakley Middle School
Carlos De Leon, Jacob Fox, Lauren Tovias, and Marcos Gonzalez

K-12 Division
22nd Harlingen High School South
Oscar Cano and Corie Perez

Individual Results (Top 50)
Click here for full individual results.

K-1 Division
16th Ethan Garcia, Treasure Hills Elementary

K-5 Division
6th Michael Casas, Houston Elementary
25th Izabel Vasquez, Houston Elementary
30th Sebastian Flores, Houston Elementary
31st Massimo Meneses, Houston Elementary
32nd Houston Kennedy, Dishman Elementary
49th Austin Kennedy, Dishman Elementary

K-8 Division
4th Carlos De Leon, Coakley Middle School
30th Jacob Fox, Coakley Middle School

K-12 Division
27th Oscar Cano, Harlingen High School South


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