HCISD celebrates Board Appreciation Month



For their support of students and staff at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, students, administrators and teachers are taking time throughout the month of January to show their appreciation for the district’s Board of Trustees.

“I appreciate our Board of Trustees because they help our schools get a better education,” said Donna Alvarez, student at Bowie Elementary.

Every January, HCISD celebrates Board Recognition Month, which honors local school board members for their work in the community. All campuses will display messages of appreciation on their marquees and halls. In addition, the district’s website will showcase each member during the week of Jan. 13 through Jan. 20.

“We are truly thankful for the support and leadership our Board of Trustees provide as we continue our district’s transformation and remain committed to our mission of providing our 18,602 students with a quality education,” said Superintendent Dr. Arturo Cavazos. “Our Board of Trustees are outstanding, and I believe one of the best in the state and nation.”

To commemorate the 2014 celebration, members will be presented with a token of gratitude during the regular Board of Trustees meeting on Jan.14. The token will be a collection of artwork from students.

Below is a collection of some of their submitted artwork:


Feature_art1Dr. Rodriguez Elementary student Maryanne Ortiz writes a story in appreciation of Board President George McShan and the support he provides the campus.



Feature_art2Bowie Elementary student Carlos Llanas describes and colors a picture to show his appreciation for Board Vice President Javier De Leon.


Dishman Elementary student Lisabeth Larrasquito, peers, and staff appreciate Greg Powers for the opportunity to be able to interact with technology in their classrooms.



Sam Houston Elementary student Jake Santiago shares his thanks for extracurricular activates with Board Member Verna Young.



In honor of Board Member Gerry Fleuriet, Crockett Elementary makes a thankful collage to show their appreciation.



Third grade Bonham Elementary student, Johnathan Garza, expresses gratitude and appreciation toward Board Member Dr. Nolan Perez.



Travis Elementary student Wesley Martinez makes a fun pop-up collage to highlight the supportive qualities of Board Member Dr. Cesar Maldonado.





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