HAEF hosts Transition Academy housewarming party

The Harlingen Area Educational Foundation hosted a housewarming party for the Transition Academy in March.

Student ambassadors greeted guests at the front door, handed them a program, and invited them to the backyard where the official event took place.

“Ladies and gentlemen, patrons, and students thank you for joining us this evening to celebrate life, love, and accomplishment,” HAEF President Belinda C. Zapata said.

Transition Academy students Karina Sandoval, Danielle Green, and Lauren Cordero sang the National Anthem before former HCISD Superintendent, Dr. Arturo Cavazos, Transition Academy teacher, Maira Gutierrez, and HCISD Superintendent Dr. Alicia Noyola addressed the audience.

Dr. Cavazos talked about how the Transition Academy went from a dream to a reality.

“When communities come together for a common purpose, we can do remarkable things,” Dr. Cavazos said. “I’m currently working with superintendents all across the state, and I can tell you, I brag about this community all the time. When you have a heart for people and the commitment to excellence, we’re going to do amazing.”

Maira Gutierrez thanked the school district, HAEF, and the entire community for all of their help, and she shared a little bit more about the success of the students at the Transition Academy.

“This is an amazing, amazing facility for our students,” Gutierrez said. “Our students are building their confidence.  They are going to build those skills that they need, and they are going to be amazing. They have learned so much already this year and we are just going to continue.”

Dr. Alicia Noyola talked about how the Transition Academy went beyond brick and mortar.

“That was the building we had in mind, but this was the vision of HAEF, Dr. Noyola said as she pointed toward the backyard of the Transition Academy. I feel like I am walking into a home every time I walk into the Transition Academy. This facility and our kids just captured the heart of this entire community. Let’s continue to keep this at the heart of our community because the heart of our community is our children.”


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