Gutierrez ACE students take lessons in bird watching

Students from the ACE program at Gutierrez Middle School had their heads up in the sky for a day of bird watching.

The bird enthusiasts in training  had the opportunity to attend the 19th annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. The festival showcased everything birds, and is educational for all individuals involved.

The day started with a bird walk lead by author Bill Thompson III, and afterwards attended the Live Wild Raptor show by “The American Birdman”, Jonathan Wood.  Wood has trained birds for movies such as Harry Potter and The Legend of the Guardian. Wood was more than happy to provide students with a private Q & A session after his show. Students were more than eager to ask any questions they had for the bird enthusiast.

The last stop of the day were student activity booths provided by local parks and wild life groups.

Prior to their bird festival experience, students had participated in multiple bird lessons at the start of the school year. Classes included Birding Watching 101 & 202, Song Birds, Beaks, Wings & Feet OH MY and Bird Seed.

Students will be using their cumulated bird knowledge to begin their last activity, a student led birding festival for the fourth and fifth grade students in the ACE program at Gutierrez feeder campuses.


One thought on “Gutierrez ACE students take lessons in bird watching

  1. Great activity for the kids! Glad to see them eagerly interested on nature. Also keeps them healthy and active. Great job on the ACE program administrators to entertain and educate the kids in such a way. Hope you guys do more outdoor and nature related trips so maintain our future leaders educated and motivated in our environment.

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