Fifth graders visit South for Science Day

The 11th Annual Science Day at Harlingen High School South consisted of bubbles, fire, and ice.

Every fifth grade classroom across the district was invited to the Harlingen South gym to observe science in action.

Harlingen South teachers and students conducted engaging science experiments to help fifth grade students review concepts for their STAAR test.

“Science Day is an opportunity to bring our fifth graders to South, and we review the TEKS with them,” South chemistry teacher Roxanna Moore said. “We just want them to understand that science can be fun. Yes, they have a test coming up, but we can still review those concepts and have a blast with it.”

One of the experiments presented that day involved placing different items such as a banana, a ball, balloons, and flowers into liquid nitrogen and making predictions and observations about what would happen to each item.

The fifth grade audience was shocked when a banana, that had been in the liquid nitrogen, broke into many pieces. Through this experiment, students discovered that items exposed to the liquid nitrogen froze instantly.

“This was the best science lab of all time,” Bonham Elementary fifth-grader Jacob Moreno said. “We were talking about the states of matter, density, solubility, and a lot more stuff. Overall, we just had a very good time.”

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