Dr. Cano students receive inspirational visit from local artist


On April 14, the famous cartoonist and artist Ramon Ramirez visited the Dr. P. Cano Freshman Academy to share his love of art through education.

Through speaking engagements and workshops, Ramirez hoped to inspire young artistic students.

“As an artist myself, he really showed me things I didn’t know before and it makes me want to do it next time I start a new project,” said Max Cervantes, a student at the Freshman Academy.

Ramirez talked to students about his journey and what it took him to be a cartoonist and illustrator and how it became part of his teaching career. Ramirez has been a teacher for 22 years and a cartoonist for 26.

Turning love of art into inspiration for others, Ramon Ramirez brings a message, such as being confident in yourself and your work.

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