Dr. Art Cavazos Introduces Newsletter Redesign and Welcomes HCISD Families to An Outstanding Year

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The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District will have a redesigned newsletter to look forward to this afternoon. The redesigned newsletter Across the Table (formerly known as The Compass) aims to keep HCISD family informed on district news and achievements on a more personal level and will be delivered via email every other week.

“Across the Table celebrates the events and successes of our world-class district. Our HCISD family is growing and now, more than ever is the time to take great pride in sharing the accomplishments of our students and staff district-wide. I encourage you to celebrate in each other’s achievements by taking a moment every other week to stay connected through this newsletter,” said Dr. Art Cavazos.

Dr. Cavazos also prepared a message for the HCISD community. In his August 2014 message, he welcomes the families of Harlingen back for another outstanding year. With a recap of the acomplishments of the previous academic school year, new expectations are set for what will be the year that HCISD is solidified as the premier district in the state.

To view Dr. Cavazos’ welcome message click on the video above.


August 2014 Message:

I’d like to welcome you back to another outstanding year at HCISD.

Last year, we continued to see transformation. We opened our Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy, expanded our digital classrooms, and advanced our educational offerings to further facilitate college readiness. Also, with the help of 800 stakeholders consisting of staff, students, parents, and community members, we developed a strategic plan to transform learning for global achievement.

Our strategic plan will be a guide for the next 3 years. Everything we do as a district will be aligned and targeted in order to execute our mission of providing educational excellence and world-class schools for all students, while providing choices for a meaningful and successful life.

Momentum for the year began in the summer, as we marked our renewed focus on the importance of Early Childhood Literacy with the launch of our Books 2 Go summer reading program. Our Board of Trustees also welcomed their newest member, Dr. Bobby Muniz, and unanimously approved a cost of living increase for our entire HCISD family. Subsequently they approved our new health insurance plan and committed to continue funding 100% of the employees cost.

And in keeping with the district’s goal to increase the efficiency of communication between teachers, parents, and students, we began the rollout of ParentLink, a powerful app-based tool that will facilitate communication throughout our district. You’ll be hearing more about its innovative features as the year progresses.

The new app is available for download at the Apple store and Google Play Store. It can be found in the stores by searching for “HCISD” or “Harlingen CISD.”

As the expansion of our district continues with the opening of our Harlingen School of Health Professions, Aquatics Center and introduction of new initiatives, we want to affirm that our expectations for district-wide excellence remain. In fact, the expectations we hold for our teachers, staff members, and students grow after each monumental year.

Let us always remember, our students deserve our very best. Every day put forth your best effort to perfect your practice, and transmit that passion and dedication to our students.  Additionally, seize every opportunity to INSPIRE our students to pursue excellence!

Thank you all for your dedication in building world-class schools and transforming learning for global achievement. Protect our HCISD brand and join us in being the ambassadors for our students, staff, and the entire learning community.  Join me in solidifying our District as the PREMIER District in the STATE.

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