Committee helps develop visual identity for future campus

The incoming freshmen of 2013 are closer to knowing what colors they will be wearing for spirit days and the mascot they will be rooting for.

The Ninth Grade Campus Identity Committee comprised of administrators, district principals, directors, coordinators, students and parents gathered for their first meeting on Sept. 18.

The committee was charged with the task of selecting options for the name for the Ninth Grade Academy, in addition to the school’s mascot and colors.

“It is important that the input from stakeholders is considered in this process,” said Dr. Arturo Cavazos, deputy superintendent for transformation and school support. “The Ninth Grade Campus Identity Committee established by the Board of Trustees includes students, parents and staff.  They will work collaboratively to investigate alternatives for the campus color(s), mascot, and name. The committee will subsequently present all alternatives to the Board of Trustees for consideration and final decision.”

During the meeting, Members were presented with an overview of the committee’s mission. They discussed the responsibilities that arrive when choosing important aspects in a school’s identity, Bauer said.

“The enthusiasm this committee has for our campus is extraordinary,” said Vivian Bauer, principal at Ninth Grade Academy. “They have a true focus for the success of our students, and understand the impact the identity will have on their success. With every meeting, we will get closer to seeing our campus and classrooms open for our future students.”

The committee’s first two meetings will be dedicated to selecting alternatives for the school’s colors and mascot for the board to decide upon. The board is expected to make their selections for the two out of the three categories on Oct. 9.

After decisions are made to solidify the school’s colors and mascots, the committee is expected to meet again in January to select alternatives for the school’s name.

The Ninth Grade Academy is a technology-focused campus based on the Project Based Learning model, which concentrates on the students’ application of information, where teachers serve as learning facilitators rather than lecturers. The objective is to place students into one of five academic schools that will serve as programs of study throughout their high school education and provide more attention to struggling students during an important year of high school.The campus is expected to open Fall 2013.


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