Meet the Big Board used for planning the editorial and advertising strategies of HCISD’s magazine. Our most recent addition to the board are the name options for the magazine, which will be posted in a poll on September 28.

The suggestions are in and we are finalizing the poll for choosing a name for HCISD’s new print magazine.

The five options, based on over 20 suggestions from staff, are:

1. The Bird’s Eye

2. Access HCISD

3. HCISD Fusion

4. HCISD Ignite

5. The Bird Call

Check back here later to access our poll and be a part of our magazine!

6 thoughts on “Be a part of naming HCISD’s magazine

  1. Thanks for the suggestion Julie, but we’re working with the suggestions that came in. We hope you’re a reader (and maybe a contributor for a future issue).

  2. How about: “The Tale Feather” “Best of the Nest” “From the Nest” “The Birds Nest”

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