Muñiz Pharmacy donates school, nutrition supplies to students

Families attending Meet the Teacher Day at Treasure Hills Elementary were treated to bags with school and nutritional supplies from Robert and Bobby Muñiz of Muñiz Pharmacy.
The backpacks included crayons, markers and other stationary supplies based on grade level supplies lists, said Bobby, a former student at Treasure Hills Elementary.
“Being from here makes it important to me and my family to give back,” Muñiz said. “We wanted to do what we can in providing supplies to students, and it was special because it was here where I went to elementary school.”
The bags also contained a certificate for a year’s supply of vitamins, Muñiz said.
“Promoting a healthy lifestyle is important to us,” Muñiz said. “We want families to think in a preventative mindset, versus reactive when it comes to health.”
The school distributed the 450 bags on a first come, first serve basis, THE principal Ginger Armstrong said.
“Providing the support necessary to operate a high quality school requires a team effort from our staff, parents and members of the local community,” Armstrong said. “We look for every opportunity to partner with outside organizations, whether its a non-profit group or a private business, if it can bring value to our students. We feel very thankful to Muñiz Pharmacy for providing these bags for our families to enjoy.”

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