Teacher of the Week: Prechel’s experiences keep getting better at HCISD


Bethany Prechel has taught in three different states to thousands of students, and each year, she says her experiences keep on getting better.

Prechel is a second grade teacher at Bonham Elementary School. While there for almost six years, she’s been able to share her experiences with her students and campus. Recently, her willingness to share her experiences and her dedication to her students led her being named the campus’ 2012 – 2013 Teacher of the Year.

“Interacting with students and being able to teach them new things is what I love most about teaching,” said Prechel. “Students learn through different experiences. In the classroom I act silly and do different voices. I’m not embarrassed. It helps keeps students interested and interact better.”

Prechel has been teaching for almost 16 years. Throughout that time, she has kept almost all of the mementos given to her by students. She says she holds on to them because you never know what the future holds.

“Whenever I get something homemade from the students, I hold on to them,” said Prechel. “One day this student may grow up to be a writer or artist and I would hope to have the opportunity to give it back to them.”

Her enthusiasm for her students doesn’t stop when she leaves her classroom. During after school hours and the weekends, you can frequently find her cheering on her former students in the stands at games or in the audience during their extracurricular performances.

Always working to improve her lessons, she is also proactive in seeking out the newest and coolest ways to teach students.

“I make it a point to see and do whatever trainings I can,” said Prechel. “I’m always researching and trying to get better.”

Prechel has been teaching at Bonham since 2010.

3 thoughts on “Teacher of the Week: Prechel’s experiences keep getting better at HCISD

  1. Mrs. Prechel is an amazing teacher.
    Congratulations to being the teacher of the week!!

  2. I am so very proud to have you as my friend….always willing to share your knowledge!! And most especially how wonderful you are to your students….they are so blessed..I Love you Bethany!!

  3. Mrs. Prechel, it’s been some time since I have had the pleasure of working with you. Teacher of the Week and Teacher of the Year are well-deserved…you are an exemplary teacher who has respect and admiration from students, parents, administrators, and fellow colleagues – high praise indeed. Congratulations ! Veronica Lopez (you can find me at

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