Harlingen School of Health Professions students along with Media Arts and Communications Academy students partnered with Unidos Contra la Diabetes to launch a health campaign aimed at reducing the prevalence of diabetes.  

Unidos Contra la Diabetes, a non-profit organization, worked with health professions students in a research effort focused on the health and diets of 13-19-year-olds.  

“Drinking water is the best alternative to sugary drinks and part of an overall wellness strategy to reduce obesity, improve health, and prevent diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley,” according to Unidos Contra La Diabetes. “In the American diet, sugary drinks continue to be the number one source of added sugar leading to overconsumption.”   

As a result of this statistic, HCISD students and non-profit organizers unveiled the “Life is Sweet Enough” sugary beverages awareness campaign.  

“The students think that a healthy alternative to a sugary drink is a Gatorade or Powerade,” Harlingen School of Health Professions Student and campaign organizer Adrian Garcia told KGBT-TV. “Those drinks also contain very large amounts of added sugars … that was really a shocking factor.” 

The new campaign aims to increase water consumption among teenagers. 

“HSHP is pleased to see students collaborate with other district programs, the Harlingen community, and state health leaders to positively impact the future of the city of Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley,” said Harlingen School of Health Professions Principal Tina Garza.    

The health professions students provided Media Arts and Communications Academy students with their research findings. Together, they created the logo and marketing for the campaign. 

Their marketing effort includes billboards across the region as well as information shared on social media. 

Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees member Belinda Reininger, who is the UTHealth School of Public Health-Brownsville’s dean, recruited HCISD students to conduct the research.  

HCISD students began working on the project nearly two years ago. 

“This project is of great significance to our region,” said Harlingen CISD Superintendent Art Cavazos. “I am super proud to see our students take initiative in combating the prevalence of diabetes in our community, and I am looking forward to seeing the success of this important awareness campaign.”  

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