HS Swim Teams find success at District, competitors advance to Regionals



Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South swim teams made a splash at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) District Swim Meet held Jan. 26-27.

HHS Girls came in 4th while the Boys team finished 5th. Harlingen South Girls finished 2nd and Boys finished 4th.

Competitors who placed in the top six spots qualified for the Regional Swim Meet, which will take place Feb. 2-3.

Listed below are the Regional Qualifiers.

Boys 200 Medley Relay
HHS: 5th Allen Kuhaneck, Aaron Castillo, Jason Castaneda, and Will Horn
HHSS: 2nd Pasquale Davila, Justin Diaz, Michael Garza, and Erick Velarde

Girls 200 Medley Relay
HHS: 6th Kaitlyn Uribe, Bailey Smith, Makaya Salas, and Paloma DeLeon
HHSS: 2nd Catherine Duncan, Lola Garza, Camille Lizada, and Victoria Saenz

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
HHS: 5th Jeremiah Rodriguez, Richard Uribe, Will Horn, and Ian Fredrickson

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay
HHS: 2nd Melanie Cumpian, Ana Ramos, Makaya Salas, and McKenna Stock
HHSS: 4th Megan Aune, Jaclyn Balli, Juliet Gonzalez, and Christine Hansen

Boys 400 Freestyle Relay
HHS: 4th Jeremiah Rodriguez, Jason Castaneda, Richard Uribe, and Ian Fredrickson
HHSS: 3rd Pasquale Davila, Justin Diaz, Brandon Ibarra, and Erick Velarde

Girls 400 Freestyle Relay
HHS: 6th Melanie Cumpian, Ana Ramos, Paloma De Leon, and Mckenna Stock
HHSS: 2nd Catherine Duncan, Lola Garza, Camille Lizada, and Victoria Saenz

Individual events are listed below:

3rd Aaron Castillo – Boys 1 Meter Diving
1st Amber Warner – Girls 1 Meter Diving
4th Madeline Borrego – Girls 1 Meter Diving
6th Ian Fredrickson – Boys 200 Freestyle
4th Ian Fredrickson – Boys 100 Freestyle
2nd McKenna Stock – Girls 200 Freestyle
4th McKenna Stock – Girls 100 Freestyle
4th Melanie Cumpian – Girls 50 Freestyle
5th Melanie Cumpioan – Girls 100 Freestyle
6th Ana Ramos – Girls 100 Backstroke
4th Jeremiah Rodriguez – Boys 100 Freestyle
5th Jason Castaneda – Boys 100 Butterfly
5th Allen Kuhaneck – Boys 100 Backstroke

1st Jason Luckey- Boys 1 Meter Diving
2nd Mae Kennedy – Girls 1 Meter Diving
4th Pasquale Davila – Boys 200 Freestyle
1st Camille Lizada – Girls 200 Freestyle
5th Victoria Saenz – Girls 200 Freestyle
5th Victoria Saenz – Girls 100 Freestyle
2nd Catherine Duncan – Girls 100 Butterfly
1st Camille Lizada – Girls 100 Butterfly
3rd Erick Velarde – Boys 100 Backstroke
5th Pasquale Davila – Boys 500 Freestyle
2nd Justin Diaz – Boys 500 Freestyle
3rd Megan Aune – Girls 500 Freestyle
1st Justin Diaz – Boys 200 IM
6th Catherine Duncan – Girls 200 IM
5th Lola Garza – Girls 200 IM
6th Brandon Ibarra – Boys 100 Breaststroke
1st Lola Garza – Girls 100 Breaststroke

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