HCISD welcomes Texas Education Commissioner into transformational classrooms

The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District welcomed Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams into its classrooms to showcase Texas Public Education on Nov. 27.

“We are very proud of the innovation going on in our classrooms and community,” said Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores. “ What we get to do is allow Commissioner Williams to come in and see a snapshot of what we get to experience in our schools every day.”

Commissioner Williams, Dr. Flores and members of the Superintendent Staff and School Board visited Dual Language classrooms at Lee Means Elementary and Digital Classrooms at Harlingen High School South to observe first-hand the transformation occurring in the District.

“It confirms the fact that you have a school district with an administration and school board that work hard to be innovative and creative, and provide students with the foundation they need for a 21st century experience,” said Commissioner Williams. “They are working very hard for the benefit of their students.”

At each campus, students warmly greeted their guests, and provided positive feedback on the approaches utilized in their studies. All of their feedback was met with enthusiasm from Williams, who listened intently with each reply.

In addition to visits, the group took any moment they had to discuss the current state and future of Texas Public Education, and potential areas of improvement. With the legislative session approaching, the combination of the day’s activities ended the day on a positive note for the future of education in 2013.


To view photos from Lee Means click here.

To view photos from Harlingen High School South click here.

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