Gutierrez students get crash course in robotics

Sixth grade students at Gutierrez Middle School are getting in on the Robot Week action by taking a crash course in computer programming on Oct. 24.

Twenty-six students participated in the activity, which allowed them to program a small robot while following the instructions of Kevin Moreno, University of Texas – Brownsville ambassador for computer science information and former GMS student.

“Today I’m having students do a basic robot activity,” Moreno said. “We’re using software and small robots provided by LEGO. We want them to get a feel for technology and spark an interest in them.”

Debbie Moreno, mathematics teacher at GMS, hosted the activity, and it will be the second year her class has participated.

“This lesson relates very well to mathematics because there it is a necessary skill in the field of engineering and robotics,” Debbie Moreno said. “Its great to see them understand how fun it can be, and how anybody can do it if they are motivated.”

Throughout the lesson, students cheered as they saw their robot move with each programming step. At the end of the lessons, students had the opportunity to experiment with some of the tricks that they learned, Debbie Moreno said.

“I’m happy to continue doing these presentations,” Kevin Moreno said. “I hope that it continues, and we continue to see positive responses from the students.”

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