Dishman Elementary celebrates grandparents

Grandparents and students came together at Dishman Elementary School to celebrate all generations at the Grandparents Social.

Breakfast was provided to everyone that attended, and grandparents had the opportunity to spend a weekday morning with their grandchildren.

“It’s a beautiful day for us,” said Norma Guzman, grandparent of a student at Dishman. “ We get to spend the morning together, which is something rare for us.”

This is the second year that Dishman has held the Grandparents Social, and it was implemented in an effort for the students at Dishman to celebrate their elders.

“The purpose of us getting together today is to recognize where we come from,” said Maria Munoz, a fifth grade teacher at Dishman. “It’s a good way of getting the whole community involved with their families and our school.”

In the short time that the event has been present at Dishman it has come to be something the community looks forward to, Munoz said.

“I hope they do it for as long as my great granddaughter is here,” said Beatriz Guzman, a great grandmother of a student at Dishman. “ It makes my week to come and be with her.”

Dishman has no plans on ending the celebration and has high hopes to hold the Grandparents Social again next year, Munoz said.

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