HCISD welcomes back administrators for 2012-2013 school year

Members of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District school board and administration met to kick-off the school year at its yearly administration meeting.

Administration discussed the district’s plan of transformation with presentations on the new ventures for fall. The opening of the new Memorial Middle School and the Dual Language Academy were mentioned along with the introduction of the Digital Classrooms program. These initiatives were implemented with the goal to benefit students in their higher education and career endeavors.

“Whether we want to change or not the world is changing,” said Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores. ” In order for our students to succeed we can no longer have campuses that look like the institutions from 20 years ago.”

Throughout the meeting there was an emphasis placed on the role HCISD employees and the community will play in making these projects a success.

“With all that we are offering it’s going to be the responsibility of the members of HCISD to be our ambassadors and let the community know the great things we are doing so they can be apart of it,” said Dr. Arturo Cavazos, deputy superintendent for transformation and school support.”

The meeting concluded with a consensus amongst board members and administration that 2012 was going to be a monumental year for the district.

“Today I have more conviction than ever that we are going to be the best district in the region and in the state,” said Dr. Flores.

The school year for HCISD will begin on August 27 with the first day of classes.
To view more photos of the administrators meeting please click here

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