When you scroll down the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District’s Facebook page, then you’ve probably asked yourself “who is Aida Meeks?” The question arises because da[...]
Jesus Alfaro takes each day as a stepping-stone to achieve his ultimate goal of finding the best academic fit for all students so they can maximize achievement, he said. Alfaro fin[...]
Harlingen High School girls basketball coach Nora Zamarripa steps on the court every day with the belief that the sport is not only an athletic activity, but a way to help students[...]
Best friends for almost ten years, Rosemary Lugo and Ninfa Munoz have dedicated their days to cheering on the students of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District bot[...]
Daniel Guzman has seen technology advance in the classrooms at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District. From witnessing the installation of the first computer labs t[...]
Diana Hernandez wakes up every day with a mission to help students succeed, and goes to bed knowing that she has been able to do so in some way. Hernandez is the New Generation Sys[...]
When you see a new building or campus being built at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, you can bet that Danny Villarreal is close by with his hard hat in hand[...]
When Antonio Saldivar walks through the doors at District Operations office at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, you can bet that someone will jokingly ask hi[...]
It’s been a successful year for Harlingen High School South Speech, Drama and Debate coach Leah Ince. Her students have won numerous awards, are competing in national tournaments a[...]
With most of his family in education and his passion in law enforcement, it’s no wonder that Jorge Moreno has made it his daily goal to help keep campuses and students safe. Moreno[...]
    George Rohrer isn’t your average chess player. While most people play one on one, he can play one on 10, 15 or even 20. Rohrer is a chess volunteer at Sam Houston Ele[...]
With her scrubs on and her stethoscope ready, Irene Vera approaches every day with the goal to keep more than 18,000 students healthy. Vera serves as the Head School Nurse for the [...]
Whether you’re a student sitting at your desk in class or a fan in the stands of Boggus Stadium, you’re probably using something that Guillermo Galvez crafted with a blowtorch and [...]
This year, Sam Houston Elementary teacher Roxanna Shimotsu has not only helped the students in her classroom but students around Texas by sharing enthusiasm for student advancement[...]
When Kasey Boykin hears her phone ring, she already knows there is a good chance it’s someone asking for help about his or her computer, phone, tablet or software. Boykin is the in[...]
Rachel Cortez strives every day to help others. Whether it’s her children or teachers she is always on the look on how to make difference. Cortez, the Director of Employee Benefits[...]
  Vivian Bauer lives by her personal motto of “it is what it is.” She uses it to drive her actions every day, and she’s constantly pursuing her personal best. Bauer is the pri[...]
  For most people, the words textbooks and astronomy relate to a class they once took in college, but for Thomas Hopkins they represent two areas of his work. Hopkins is the T[...]
When Javier Araiza hears the word “master” it can apply to a couple of things. From his barbequing talents to his career, Araiza continually works to keep at the top of his game. A[...]
When Mark Conway looks up to the Harlingen sky and sees a bird fly by, you can bet he’s on the lookout for his next research project or classroom lesson. Conway is a bird-banding e[...]
  For Gill Paredez, the saying “It’s always better to give, than to receive” can be applied to his actions on a daily basis. From his career to volunteer work, he puts the ass[...]
Barbara Claybourn wasn’t your typical child, and in place of action figures and dolls in her toy closet, she had a chalkboard. “I’ve wanted to become a teacher since the third grad[...]
For most people, the question “Did I remember to turn off the lights?” refers to one or two rooms, but for Joel Cruz that means hundreds of classrooms, offices and more. Lights are[...]
Connie Saenz is always looking for ways to earn money. Not for herself, but for the for the benefit of the students in Harlingen. Saenz is the grant writer at the Harlingen Consoli[...]
Jason Hooper spends most of his days surrounded by music. Whether it’s at his day-job, performing with musical groups or just practicing at home, he always has a tune playing in hi[...]
Tina Garza spends much of her free time outdoors, but it’s not for the fresh air. It’s for the inspiration she gets for creating science related activities. “When I was young, my p[...]